2008 Domaines Henri Maire Arbois Vin Jaune 375 ml

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HALF BOTTLE The Domaines Henri Maire is the story of a trajectory that begins in 1632 with the census of a Mayor "having vineyard and cellars". The generations will succeed one another, enriching the know-how of the House for nearly 400 years. In 1939, Henry Maire, heir of genius, will gradually build a field of more than 300 hectares producing the best of the region. It is Henri Maire who will launch the wines of the Jura. Today, it is the Boisset family, another dynasty of vineyards established in Burgundy, which ensures the curve of the trajectory. The Boisset family, a natural link between two regions with the same soil, modernizes the Domaines Henri Maire, while respecting an intact heritage. Montfort, Grill Grange, Sorbief, Brégand, Croix d'Argis ... The Domaines Henri Maire covers 225 hectares on a Jura vineyard of 1,800 hectares planted. The expertise of the Domaines is concentrated in Arbois, a place called Boichailles, historic headquarters of the House and site of winemaking and aging. With a drastic selection of parcels, rigorous clonal and mass selections, replantations of very high quality, investments in winery and cellar, the Boisset family creates a new dynamic around the vineyard and a whole region.
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