2014 Meinklang Konkret Weiss

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Grape varieties: Field blend of Red-, Yellow- & Gewürztraminer Skin contact: 21 days Without any intervention the wine develops slowly and find his own balance in the pure concrete eggs. Due to the fragile Tannins the Konkret white is great to pair with richer dishes, like honey glazed Mangalitza-pork loin. Alc.12% acidity: 5g/l residual sugar: 3.1g/l “Konkret” stands for a new method of vinification in 900l concrete “eggs” (egg-shaped vessels) and has many positive attributes. A multitude of extremely fine pores allows a controlled supply of oxygen to the wine. The pure and straight- forward style of the wine “incubated” in the egg for 12 months which lead to particular emphasis of solid unadulterated varietal character one could also call “concrete”. “Konkret”

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