2016 Francesco Rinaldi Grignolino d’Asti

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This storied family domaine was founded in 1870, when Francesco Rinaldi inherited a vineyard and house in Barolo, inspiring him to leave behind his work with the very large Mirafiore estate and set out on his own. One hundred and thirty years later, much of the same techniques are still used in the family’s cellars. The current head of the family estate is the spry, nearly 90-year old Luciano Rinaldi, who took over the reigns of the family winery all the way back in 1941. Today he is assisted by his nieces, Paola & Piera Rinaldi, as they continue to make traditional wines, with no new oak, long macerations and long aging in large Slavonian oak botti prior to bottling. In fact, about the only thing that has changed here is that Luciano no longer crushes the grapes by foot himself! This bottling is made of 100% grignolino, native to the hills around Monferrato, fermented and aged in stainless steel. It is a thinner skinned grape, yielding a red that is light ruby in color, with subtle aromas of rose petals and cherries. It expands nicely on the palate with mouthwatering acidity and mild tannins. It handles a chill nicely, and is delightful with grilled vegetables or chicken dishes.
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