2016 Immich-Batterieberg Riesling Trocken “C.A.I.”

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After working at Van Volxem and then making the Knebel wines in 2008, Gernot Kollman had the opportunity (with partners) to purchase the historic estate of Immich-Batterieberg. Its name and clever label refer to the Batterieberg or demolition hill, a steep cliff face of solid stone blasted to rubble with Sprengbatterien (a battery of explosives filled with gunpowder) in the mid-1800s to make it cultivable. Immich-Batterieberg’s early history dates back to the Middle Ages. A Prince von Esch possessed the 12th-century building, which is located in the center of Enkirch. The original section of the castle is named after him: Escheburg. The Immich family would later own the estate for over 500 years (1425–1989).

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