2016 Muxagat Tinta Barroca Douro

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Muxagat started in a small village in the Douro Valley, Muxagata (owl and cat in portuguese). The vineyards are situated in the cooler, high-altitude sub-region of the Douro Superior. Vines are planted in steep mountainside terraces overlooking the Douro River and famous Paleolithic Foz Côa cave engravings. All Muxagat wines are made from grapes indigenous to Portugal, planted on schist soils. In the cellar, winemaking is simple and hands-off, adding only a bit of sulfur to the wines before bottling. Reds are foot-trodden in the cellar’s old lagares and cement vats. The tannins suggest it could age, although it is very drinkable now as primacy is given to berry fruits such as cherry and raspberry, with a hint of spice. A friendly, inviting wine with the warmth of the sun on cool granite. Its berry flavors are vinous, rather than overtly sweet. It tastes open, juicy and fresh, with a simplicity that’s delicious. Compellingly drinkable.

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