2016 Teleda “Dila-O”
Rkatsiteli/Mtswane Dry Amber Wine

Article number: Dila-O White
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Considered the birthplace of wine, Georgian wine traditions are fascinating, and old - nearly 8,000 years old to be exact! One of the hallmarks of Georgian winemaking is the large clay jar called “quevri’ used for fermentation and aging. They are submerged in the ground, lined with beeswax, and used for both reds and whites alike. This white is a 50/50 blend of native varieties rkatsiteli and mtsvane that is made in a lighter “orange” style and sees just one month of skin contact in the quevri before being transferred to stainless steel tanks. Soft tannins and an appealing bouquet of melon and cantaloupe make for the perfect entry to the world of traditional orange wines. Because Dila-O is a more structured white wine, enjoy with an oily fish like Salmon or roasted chicken or pork dish.
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