2017 Hubert Lignier Chambolle Musigny “Les Bussieres”

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The domaine owns 8 hectares in the neighboring villages of Morey, Gevrey and Chambolle (see details below for an exact accounting by appellation). According to Romain, "the ultimate quality of the wine depends on the health of the grapes". The Ligniers follow the principles of "lutte raisonnée" (sensible combat) in their viticulture: chemical pesticides are used only when absolutely necessary and only products that do not harm beneficial insects are chosen. Yields vary from 20 to 55 hl/ha depending on the conditions of the growing season and the appellation. The thin, clay and limestone soil on the slopes is not conducive to vigorous growth and limits the crop naturally. A "green harvest" is used when necessary to further manage production to ensure perfect maturity. Young vines are trained using the Cordon de Royat (spur training) system, which helps control the vigor and yields as well. Of critical importance, the "sélection massale" system (i.e. replacing missing vines with cuttings from the same vineyard) is the only method used to propagate vines, a tradition that gives an extra touch of complexity and character to the resulting wines. At harvest time, the pickers remove any unhealthy clusters in the field, to avoid contamination of the healthy grapes in the baskets.

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