2014 Kruger Rumpf Munsterer Rheinberg Riesling Kabinett

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The Kruger-Rumpf estate is located in Münster-Sarmsheim, a small village on the western side of the Nahe River, in the most northern section of this region. Paradoxically, though it is the furtherst paoint north and where the Nahe meet the Rhein River, it is the warmest area of this region. Geographically unique, this area represents the intersection of four major German wine regions: the Nahe where the winery is located, the Rheingau and Mittelrhein to the north, Rheinhessen to the east. Kuger-Rumpf’s vineyards are farmed sustainably; bees are kept nearby to facilitate pollination and aid in overall bio-diversity. Periodically sheep are allowed to roam the vines helping to control underbrush. All vineyards are hand harvested to ensure that only optimally ripe grapes are selected. Stefan believed that “you can’t improve wine in the cellar, only make it worse,” and Georg has continued his cellar work with this philosophy in mind. The Rheinberg kabinett comes entirely from the quartz dominated higher sections of the Rheinberg hill, facing south east. Vines are around 25 years old with much of the vineyard planted in the 1990s. Now five years on from harvest, the 2014 is now wide open, with white peach and honeysuckle aromas and (words words words....I'm going to go drink the rest of this bottle now).
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