2017 La Clarine Farm Piedi Grandi

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This is it, friends! The last of its kind! The final run of ‘Piedi Gradi’ (big feet), La Clarine’s surprising blend of Nebbiolo and Mourvedre! We’ll be the first to admit that some of winemaker Hank Beckmeyer’s creations are a bit off the reservation and while the temptation to lean into that humor here is substantial, the 2017 ‘Piedi Grandi’ has resolved into a special harmony of iconic house style, variety and terroir. When it was first released, 2017 ‘Piedi Grandi’ smacked of the classic La Clarine manic tropical goodness. It was delicious but that aromatic Cali Mourvedre thing was stealing the show; hard to find the terroir and the Nebbiolo underneath. Hank held back a portion of the ‘Piedi Grandi’ now reintroduced to the wild and though the wine is still bursting with fruit and energy, a structure has emerged that is everything to do with Nebbiolo and Sumu Kaw terroir. At a lofty 3000 feet, the forested Sumu Kaw vineyard has quite a lot to say and with time ‘Piedi Grandi’ has learned to gracefully express grape, altitude and the volcanic loam that distinguishes the terroir. So if the wine is so flippin’ awesome why not make more, then? Well, sadly, the answer is frost damage. There wasn’t any Nebbiolo that survived ‘18 or ‘19 so Hank thought it was time to put his efforts elsewhere.

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