2017 Loacker Raetinello Vernatsch

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If the name Loacker rings a bell for any sweet-toothed readers out there, yes, it's that Loacker (Google Loacker). The family started a winemaking project in their home of Bolzano in 1979, and to their credit were among the first to employ natural techniques in vineyard management, including biodynamics (they call themselves "bioneers" - so dorky!). This light-bodied red is made from 50-year-old pergola-trained native schiava vines. Schiava has wound its tendrils all across western Europe, though most modern planting are still limited to northern Italy and Germany, where it's called trollinger. Perhaps the oldest living example of schiava was planted in the mid 18th century at Hampton Court Palace in England, where it goes by the name black hamburg. This is a wine of simple pleasure, with subtle almond and floral aromas and mildly tangy cherry red mid palate. We love it with a little chill paired with charcuterie and cheeses. 
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