2018 Vina Skaramuca Plavac Mali

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It seems we still have a lot to learn about Croatia! By now at least some of you are familiar with another Dingac Plavac that we’ve featured here, and was featured as the show-stopper in the Boston Globe’s Plonk-a-palooza article a couple years back. Vina Skaramuca is a small, family-owned winery making a lineup of wines from the steep slopes of Dingac, on the southern tip of the Peljesac Peninsula, off the southern mainland Croatian coastline. As we’ve covered before, it was recently established that plavac has a parent-sibling relationship with zinfandel, much to the surprise of many a fan of Italian primitivo (no relation). Of course Dingac Plavac bears little resemblance to Lodi zinfandel. This wine’s characteristic salinity and dark vegetal aroma complement its rich fruit, and make it a fun wine to pair. Legumes, squash, za’atar? Tuna, sesame, wasabi? Lots of possibilities.

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