2017 Vittorio Bera “Arcese”

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Alessandra and her brother Luigi are the current generation of Beras to farm their family estate in San Antonio di Canelli, just east of Barbaresco in the historic heart of moscato country. The area was first planted to moscato grapes in the middle ages by the crusading Knights of Malta. The Bera family has owned the property since 1785 and was the first to estate bottle their moscato in the Serra Masio area. Little has changed in the past two centuries, all of the vineyard work is organic, the harvest done by hand, and the fermentations done spontaneously with indigenous yeasts. “Arcese” is a blend of arneis, favorita, cortese, and sauvignon blanc (the name is a mash-up of the four). Crisp, aromatic, and bright, with pretty notes of pear, this white works well as an apéritif or with fresh summer vegetable dishes and light cheeses.

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