2018 Cantine Valle Isarco Alto Adige Sauvignon

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The Alto Adige's situation deep into the Tyrolean Alps and into the Germanic cultural surroundings is a reminder that this stretch of northern Italy has more to do with Vienna than Florence. Winemaking here is a heroic undertaking, making it clear why cooperatives are the norm. Managing a vineyard of steeply terraced vines means working entirely by hand, limiting most vineyard owners to one or two hectares, and a crop too small to commercialize alone. Eisacktaler Kellerei is a beautifully modern and immaculately managed facility owned by its 150-or-so farmers, with a full range of local varietal wines. Sauvignon has been growing in the area for decades if not centuries, and this example furls its fresh pea tendrils around a rocky mineral backbone. Not Loire, not New Zealand, distinctly Tyrolean sauvignon, and a beautiful pair for pasta with speck or a fresh salad with goat cheese.

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