2019 Chateau Closiot Le "C" de Sec Bordeaux Blanc

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Chateau Closiot is the most recent exploit of Jean-Marie Guffens, the legend behind Guffens-Heynens and Verget. For someone in the upper echelon of winemakers in Burgundy, his southern conquests (Verget au Sud, and now Closiot in Bordeaux) may seem surprising. Perhaps even more surprising is that his terroir -driven signature appears just as clearly in this blend of sauvignon and semillon as it does in his reputational chardonnays. This is a powerful, textural white with a hint of the custard-creaminess you might expect in Barsac (Sauterne's sibling), though just as dry as can be. Try to get your hands on some duck or lamb to let it shine. 
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