2018 Diego Conterno Dolcetto d’Alba

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In 1982, Diego Conterno started making wine with his cousins Claudio Conterno and Guido Fantino. With the start of the new century, Diego felt ready to face new challenges, and started his own winery under his name. He built his winery on a hill surrounded by vineyards, as a clear sign of the relation between the grapes and the wine. His work philosophy is plain: when you taste a wine, you should experience the terroir, which is created in the vineyards and finds expression in the grapes. He has chosen organic viticulture as the best means to that end. We've featured many dolcettos over the years, and this is just as juicy and pure as any of them. We love dolcetto this time of year, as the vegetable harvest culinates and we rediscover the joy of filling the home with aromas emanating from the oven.

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