2018 Morini Rosso Ravenna "Savignone"

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When it comes to obscure grape varietals, Italy has a deep bench. Beyond the known pleasures of a sangiovese or nebbiolo, there's always a bottle of grignolino, cesanese or in this case, centesimino, waiting to be discovered. The centesimino grape was rescued from near-extinction in the 1960's and is being kept alive by estates like Poderi Morini who have several vineyards in the Ravenna province of Emilia-Romagna. Despite its alias, it's actually not related to any of the famous Sauvignon varietals. The Morini "Savignone" is a light/medium bodied wine with rose-tinged strawberry notes, a velvety mouthfeel and soft tannins (feel free to chill it down on a hot day). It's an easy-drinking companion to many dishes but will definitely pair well with burgers, mushroom risotto or salumi & cheese. A unique wine with a label that belongs on a blacklight poster!
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