2018 Osmote Chardonnay Cayuga Lake

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VARIETAL: Chardonnay VINEYARD: Toro Run and Sheldrake Point vineyards. Toro Run is situated 426ft asl on the west side of Cayuga Lake. Vines are planted in north-south rows on silt loam soils. During the last ice age, the area was a lake bed so there are remants of limestone, clay, and shale. The grapes from this vineyard were harvested on 10/4. Sheldrake Point sits at 508ft asl, also on the west side of the lake. Vines are planted on north-south rows on gravelly loam soils. This soil type was formed as a deposit left behind by a glacial stream. Harvested on 10/3. VINIFICATION: Hand-harvested, sorted, and whole cluster pressed. Long, slow natural fermentation in stainless steel tank. Extended lees contact then filtered prior to bottling on 4/22/19. TASTING NOTES: Rich and full-bodied with ripe orchard fruit aroma and taste. Elements of honey, quite succulent, with a bright freshness to the finish.
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