2018 Ruth Lewandowski Mahlon Cuvee Zero

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Winemaker note: This freaking wine, I tell you what. I tell. You. What. When the Arneis is good, it's GOOD. When its not quite so good (ie. not good enough to be bottled on its own with the name "Mahlon" attached to it, it finds another home in the cellar. That's the usual M.O. But what if it turns out GOOD, but suuuuper different than it's ever been before? Such was the dilemma I fretted over for weeks before bottling this wine. The 2018 really threw a philosophical curve ball at me. It normally loses it's orange-ish juicy color that it takes on at the press after having oxidized a bit in the process. So it's far darker than in previous vintages. What's more, the damn thing wouldn't settle, wouldn't clarify in barrel or tank, leaving it significantly hazier than ever before. It was never a question of whether or not I was going to bottle it because again, it's goo-OOD. The question was, 'is this Mahlon?' The answer came to me after drinking half a bottle of the 2017 version. Just because I hadn't ever seen this particular side of Arneis doesn't mean it wasn't real and relevant and, well...Mahlon. If the way I go about making Arneis (NOT protecting it with inert gas and sulfur and a bunch of bullshit fining agents) means that in some years it will take on the characters of the 2018, well then I say "celebrate diversity." And if this is how Arneis truly is, waffling between a higher toned, pretty thing and a deeper-hued spicy thing from year to year, I think I might love the grape even more! In years such as 2018, the blue wax seal will be replaced with a deep gold wax. Just FYI. 98 cases lovingly made.

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