2019 Sant’Or Santameriana

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In the historic Village of Santameri Achaias, a distance of 30Km from Patras at an altitude of 600m in the midst of organic vineyards is located the traditional winery SANT’OR. Our vineyards cover an area of 4 hectare, in a particular microclimate and consist of certain Greek varieties, such as Roditi, Agiorgitiko and our unique local aromatic variety Santameriana, that (revives) only in our winery. Wines from our organic farming vineyards are produced with modern equipment, with an annual capacity of 70 tons they are stored in our cellar in 225lit French oak barrels. The visitor can try them at our outer space wine tasting facilities with view of the vineyard or in the internal space that is suitably configured. Our winery can be visited by appointment or on our site www.santorwines.gr. The prominent grape variety of the region is called Santameriana. This is a white grape, round in shape with a thin filmed peel and a light and gentle aroma, which produced a fairly aromatic wine. During that time work in the vineyards was long and tiring with little profit, People were forced to abandon the vines for other crops. Also, many young people in the 60’s went to the cities for better living and working conditions. These are the two main reasons for abandonment of vine cultivation and particularly the Santameriana variety.

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