2019 La Biancara / Angiolino Maule “Masieri”

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“We’ve reached a stage where overseas there’s a trend for ‘funky wines’ where the stinkier the wine is the better. Having an imperfection or defect makes it cool and original! We assure you, this is not where we wanted to get...” Angiolino Maule wrote recently in the magazine of Vinnatur—an organization of close to 200 natural wine producers he founded in 2006. La Biancara is located in Gambellara, northeast of the Soave zone, where Angiolino and his wife Rosamaria began their project with six hectares in the late 1980s and have learned over the decades how critical vineyard health is to making good, clean wines without chemical inputs. They work primarily with the white garganega, which has been grown in the area for over 1300 years. Savory at first and opening up to more lush green apple, Masieri is a vibrant white wine that warrants a slower, reflective occasion. Pour a little sip while you chop summer vegetables and make an easy pasta dish topped with pesto. All of Angiolino’s wines are fermented spontaneously with natural yeast, unfiltered, and receive only a low dose of sulphur at bottling if necessary. This is his entry bottling, we occasionally have others on the shelf. Definitely seek out the Garg’N’Go frizzante for your next celebration!

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