2019 Boccadigabbia Ribona Colli Maceratesi DOC

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Boccadigabbia, helmed by Elvio Alessandri, is comprised of two different properties— one next to the Adriatic, focusing on international varieties, and the other more inland, focusing on the historical varieties of the region. This wine, from that more inland property is made with the local ribona (or maceratino) grape, grown almost exclusively in the Marche, and in the Colli Maceratesi DOC in particular. There is said to be less than 100 hectares under cultivation of this grape in all of Italy, so if this a new grape to you, you are probably not alone! Sustainable winemaking and old oak barrels make this a pleasant introduction to (and perhaps final word) on this rare variety which is light, crisp, and begging for some seafood.

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