2019 Chateau d'Oupia Minervois

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When he was a young man, André Iché inherited a 13th century castle and a large estate with old carignan vines and began his career as a vigneron. During those early years, carignan was all the rage among growers in France due to its high yields and low water requirements; however, this resulted in a lot of poor quality wine destined for distillation. André sold his wine in bulk - just as his neighbors did - until a colleague from Burgundy convinced him that his superior product deserved its own label. From there, he gradually accumulated more vineyards and began to improve the reputation of both the grape and the region, focusing on quality over quantity. In 2007, he passed away, leaving his daughter Marie-Pierre to run the estate. The wines have remained consistent, delicious and affordable. Château D'Oupia's "Les Heretiques" has been a customer favorite on the casual cart for some time and their Minervois should delight as well. Medium-bodied and balanced with fleshy dark berry fruit, a hint of earth and spice and minimal tannin, it's a great food wine. Try it with wild rice & mushrooms or dishes that showcase herbs, spices and berries.
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