2019 Clemens Busch Riesling Trocken LS

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Clemens is a fifth-generation winemaker, who along with his wife Rita, are pioneers of the natural wine movement in Germany. They converted their vineyards to organic all the way back in 1984 and went on to embrace biodynamic farming in the early aughts. Pure expression of terroir is the goal with these wines; grapes are hand-harvested from old vines, fermentation is spontaneous with native yeasts and nothing is added to the wines except a small amount of sulphur at bottling. Low sulphur happens to be what "LS" stands for on this bottling. Even though Clemens uses lower amounts of sulphur than most of his peers, this wine represents his ongoing effort to use even less and still maintain quality. The other key word on the label is "trocken", meaning "dry". This is a dry, minerally riesling with juicy acidity and notes of lemon peel & apple; no sweet stuff here. It'll go with a variety of dishes including chicken/pork sausage, crab legs, smoked fish, goat cheese salad, etc. 

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