2019 Da Cruz e Teles COZs vm-Castelao

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COZs is a partnership between two of the most brilliant vignerons/winemakers from Portugal, Tiago Teles (Gilda, RAIZ) and Antonio Marques-da Cruz (Quinta da Serradinha). Folks who enjoyed the Quinta da Murta Serra Oca Castelão that we've carried before will dig this wine (it's made from a parcel in the same vineyard). Fresh, fruity, and full-flavored with just enough tannin and acidity. 

Varietal: Castelão

Vineyard/Farming: Organic young-vine Castelão from “Quinta da Murta,” a vineyard located eight miles from the Atlantic coast in the Montejunto region, north of Lisbon. 

Vinification: Fermented with native yeasts in 1000L dornas and then pressed to age in old Burgundy barrels for 11 months. Malolactic completed. Unfiltered, no added SO2.

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