2020 Frank Cornelissen Susucaru Rosso 1.5L

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"Our entry-level red wine is a field-blend of mostly Nerello Mascalese (85%) with other local varietals from all our vineyards: Nerello Capuccio, Allicante Boushet, Minnella and Uva Francesa. Our Susucaru® Rosso expresses Etna as produced in a more traditional way of blending
different contrada’s as well as different varietals to obtain a fragrant, elegant and fluid wine with structure and personality." - Frank Cornelissen
Region: Etna, Northern valley
Vineyards: Picciolo, Malpasso, Campo Re, Crasà, Piano Daini, Feudo di Mezzo
Varietals: Nerello Mascalese 85%, Nerello Capuccio, Minella, Allicante Bouschet and Uva Francesa
Vinification: Destemming and light crushing of the grapes
Fermentation: starting with a “pied-de-cuve” using only indigenous yeasts and skin contact for about 30 days
Aging: In neutral epoxy tanks from 2500 liters to 7000 liters
Fining: No
Filtering: Before bottling with cartridges of 3 micron
Sulphur: values can vary from 15 to 50 mg/l., added or not, depending on the quality of grapes and stability of the wine.
Annual production: 35.000 bottles
First vintage: 2003
Denomination: IGP Terre Siciliane Nerello Mascalese
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