2019 Hammerling "Sunflower Sutra"

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One of the Bay Area’s newest sparkling wine specialists is Hammerling Wines, located in a small warehouse in west Berkeley in the same industrial-park-turned-Cali-natural-wine-Mecca as Broc Cellars, Vinca Minor, and Donkey & Goat. Josh Hammerling actually worked for Chris Brockway prior to founding his own winery. From Josh: "When I started this business I had a simple question to answer: Why have so few people applied a low-intervention approach to traditional method sparkling wine sourced from responsibly farmed vineyard sites? The main answer, of course, is that it’s too hard: it’s very technical and takes significantly more labor than making still wine. And we do it completely by hand. But my love for bubbles won out--I charged headlong into production and have never looked back." The name "Sunflower Sutra" comes from an Allen Ginsberg poem written down the road from the winery in the early 1950s. It seemed fitting to Josh to name the flagship urban winery blend after a little poem about human perseverance in the face of industrial blight. The wine is a chardonnay-dominant, Champagne style blend made with reverence to Champagne but not trying to copy it at all. 

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