2019 La Rivolta "I Vigneti di Bruma" Beneventano Aglianico

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appellation: Beneventano (Campania), Italy
variety: aglianico

There are a lot of bold claims about Southern Italy’s aglianico grape. Many call it the “Barolo of the South”, others argue about whether or not it can really boast Greek origins (the etymology and history gets pretty murky). We’re not here to ruffle any feathers, but maybe we should just enjoy it for what it is—a late ripening grape that does really well in Campania. Aglianico can be a bit of a beast, with tannins up front and in need of some time in the bottle, but the I Vigneti di Bruma, from younger vines, is fresh with soft tannins and ready to drink right now. Enjoy this with some hearty mushrooms or spicy sausage, bonus points if you can get the house made ones from Tony’s Market in Roslindale, where his Campanian roots make it all the more authentic.

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