2019 Le Marie Pinerolese Rosso "Rouge de Lissart"

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Varietal: A blend of Barbera, Chatus, Bonarda, and Neretta Cuneese (or Neretto)

Appellation: Pinerolese (Piedmont)

Vineyard: The estate vineyard is located at the foothills of the Alps next to the village of Barge, in the hamlet of Assarti. Environmentally friendly farming practices.

Vinification: Harvested by hand in small 20 kilo boxes. cases of 20 kilos. Crushed and de-stemmed grapes are left to macerate for 7-10 days in steel tanks at a controlled temperature. When the primary fermentation is completed, the wine is then decanted a few times to initiate malolactic fermentation. The wine is then decanted again to clear it of impurities and then transferred to steel vats where it is then aged for 8-10 months. 

Tasting Notes: Floral notes of rose and violet. Unique and elegant, softening with age while retaining its intense yet delicate velvety texture.

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