2019 Paterianakis Vidiano Crete

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Domaine Paterianakis is a 3rd generation family winery located on the Greek island of Crete. Currently run by sisters Emmanouela & Niki, production is focused on rare and indigenous grape varieties like vidiano (pronounced vee-thee-ano). Low-yielding and difficult to grow, vidiano is often referred to as the "Cretan Diva". It almost went extinct 30 years ago when the Cretan wine industry centered around bulk wine production which relied on the workhorse vilana grape. Thankfully, some farmers kept a few rows of vidiano going during these years and now the grape has taken off due to their efforts and the new generation of winemakers who became its champion. The Paterianakis bottling is a great introduction to the variety, displaying its typical traits: aromas & flavors of fresh stone fruit & citrus, a creamy mouthfeel and ample but balanced acidity. This wine loves seafood (halibut, scallops, etc.) and Mediterranean fare but lemon-herb chicken or a pan-fried halloumi salad also sound pretty nice.
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