2019 Pedro Parra "Pencopolitano" Itata

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Pedro Parra spent 15 years consulting for well-known European producers (Comando G, Liger-Belair, etc.) before striking out on his own about a decade ago. This is the 7th vintage of "Pencopolitano", named after the third oldest city in Chile, Penco, which was destroyed twice in consecutive years in the middle of the 16th century by a group of indigenous warriors resisting Spanish occupation. The city was reestablished at a different site, and the old site is now known as Concepcion, which is where Parra was born. To this day, residents of Concepcion are called penquistas. The wine is a blend of the two most widely planted grape varieties in Itata / Bio Bio, carignan and païs, a.k.a. mission, all very old vines growing in the granitic soils of Cauquenes and Itata. This is a spicy, characterful red with a vivacious, ebullient personality that just wants to party.

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