2021 Ronchi di Cialla Friuli Colli Orientale Schioppetino "RiNera"

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Varietal: schioppettino

Region: Friuli

Farming: organic/biodynamic

Notes: In 1970, husband and wife Dina and Paolo Rapuzzi founded the Ronchi di Cialla winery with the intention of growing only indigenous Friuli grapes. At that time, the Schioppettino grape was classified as extinct by the Italian government, and a Herculean effort was needed to recover the Schioppettino vines. So, Dina and Paolo dove in head first by traversing the valley and nearby areas to discover 60 surviving vines. From there they battled, for many years, the Italian bureaucracy to restore the right to legally plant Schioppettino vines. Finally, in 1976 Dina and Paolo were awarded the prestigious Risit D’Aur Prize for their work in preserving the Schioppettino variety, and are credited with having brought it back to the brink of extinction.

Today, their sons Pier Paolo and Ivan Rapuzzi continue to work in the tradition of their parents under the watchful eye of Dina, who is still very involved in the business. The family practices natural farming and winemaking. Along with Schioppettino the family also grow and make exceptional Pignolo, Refosco, Picolit, Fruliano, Ribolla Gialla, and Verduzzo.

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