2021 Ruth Lewandowski "Mahlon" Fox Hill Vineyard Arneis

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From Evan:

In the dialect spoken in Piedmonte, from where the grape hails, Arneis is translated to “the little rascal.” after working with this grape at Fox Hill Vineyard since 2009, I know exactly why they call it that. It can be finicky in the vineyard, prone to low yields and plummeting acidity/skyrocketing ripeness levels. It can also be a rascal in the cellar, oxidizing if you look at it sideways. These are but a few of the factors that have caused me to release this wine infrequently...on average in just 50% of vintages. When it's right, it is righteous...taut, mineral, exotically perfumed. This little rascal is absolutely worth the pain.

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