2019 Valdibella Nero d'Avola "Kerasos"

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Valdibella was started by a small community of wine, olive, and almond farmers as a social experiment. They are one of the first members of the Addiopizzo organization, whose main goal is to reestablish the dignity of small businesses of Sicily by refusing to pay racket to the island’s ubiquitous mafia. To put this into perspective, somewhere close to 80% of Sicily’s commercial enterprises pay the pizzo. Further, the father of one the growers at Valdibella, a doctor with strong community ties, was executed by the a member of the Mafia. Companies like Valdibella demonstrate immense courage by committing to this movement, at great personal risk for all those involved. All this said, the organic wines produced by Valdibella represent some of the best values from anywhere these days. Kerasos is a great place to start if you're just starting to explore this island's vast bounty. Made from the most widely planted red variety, nero d'avola, this version is bright and sunny, and a gentle, easy-going friend when it comes to pairing. 

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