2020 Valdibella Sicilia Catarratto "Munir"

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Just southwest of Palermo on the island of Sicily, Valdibella is a farming cooperative focused on restoring harmony to their ecosystem through organic farming and attentive stewardship to the land. They have a lovely (if maybe a bit cultish) philosophy outlined in their Biodiversity Charter which could be fun to read while sipping on this wine. They are also active members of the grassroots Addiopizzo movement, whose admirable and dangerous mission is to root out the mafia and its extortive activities across the island. Catarratto is one of the most planted grape varieties in Italy and has suffered from commercialized overproduction, but Valdibella produces several delicate versions. Coming in at just 12.5% abv, the fruit hints at a ripeness that could’ve been over the top, but Valdibella dialed it back, producing a restrained and youthful everyday wine with subtle notes of peach and citrus blossom. Try it with lemony garbanzo beans over rice, topped with a generous portion of peppery arugula, maybe add a tin of codfish or smoked trout…?

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