2020 Bassermann-Jordan Pfalz Riesling trocken

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Basserman-Jordan is among the most historic wineries in the Pfalz region and in all of Germany. Pierre Jordan purchased the first vineyards of the estate in 1718. The Basserman family married into the Jordan family near the turn of the 19th century, and in 1910, the Basserman-Jordan winery became founding members of the VdP, Germany's pioneering quality assurance organization. While the family finally ran out of interested heirs a few years ago, the winery remains one of the stalwarts of traditional German wine. This dry riesling hails from younger vines growing in historic holdings sitting at southeast exposure above the Rhine, in the villages of Ruppertsberg, Deidesheim, and Forst. It represents the house style with its affable palate and tightrope balance of fruit and acidity. Excellent with smoked or grilled fish!

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