2020 Danieli Kisi Kakheti

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Varietal: Kisi

Region: Kakheti, Georgia

Farming: Biodynamic, no SO2 added

Wine - Amber wine fermented naturally and aged in Qvevri for 7 months. 100% Kisi. Whole cluster fermentation (with skins and stems) results in an herbaceous wine that is slightly smokey with notes of apricot and black tea. Firm tannin make it a great wine to pair with a variety of dishes from white meats to spicy cuisine. Unfiltered and unfined.

Winemaker - Ana Khitarishvili represents the recent small cadre of young Georgian women winemakers. She has a Masters of Science in oenology from Montpelier University in France and has international wine making experience in Germany and New Zealand. Six years ago she returned to Georgia, recognizing the growing potential of Georgian varietals. When she is not overseeing the winemaking at Danieli , she also trains wine growers in viticulture techniques and leads a training course in oenology for local sommeliers and young up and coming winemakers.

Danieli Winery is a small family owned estate in the village of Argokhi in the Akhmeta region of Kakheti, Eastern Georgia. Danieli is a project passion started by a husband and wife Olaf Malver and Eka Tchvritidze. The philosophy of Danieli Winery is to rediscover, respect, and enrich Georgian Wines by honoring the land and local viticulture traditions as well as applying modern technological practices. All of Danieli's current wines are produce in "European style", produced with modern techniques and seeking after varietal purity and terroir.


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