2020 Delas Viognier Vin de Pays, Pays D'Oc

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Delas Frères is one of the oldest marks in the Rhone Valley, founded in 1835. For roughly the last half century, the estate has been managed by associates of Champagne Deutz, now part of the very large Roederer group. This is NOT a small producer, but... the wine is great! They've achieved that rare feat of producing a pure viognier with acidity, by harvesting at the appropriate time and blocking malolactic fermentation. Typical to the variety, we find peach, apricot, and a hint of glorious honeysuckle on the nose. The wine would love to be paired with some kind of poached fish with a fussy, buttery sauce; but don't let the wine tell you what to do. Try it with Shanti's tandoori salmon! Or, like, fried chicken! Go nuts!

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