2020 Domaine de l'Olivier Muscadet Sevre et Maine sur lie

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Muscadet is all about old school charm, it’s also super hip and just confusing enough for many to avoid. First off, a reminder that Muscadet is not moscato. It’s made entirely of a grape called melon de bourgogne and is a bone dry, crisp, refreshing, classic oyster-pairing Parisian bistro wine. Like Chablis, but way more affordable, and it’s the perfect glass to pour for your mother-in-law when she’s visiting. Brothers Jean-Luc and Guy Ollivier bottle a handful of Muscadets from multiple plots under various labels (it’s quite confusing actually!) and they’ve been working primarily with just one grape since the early 1980s. They’ve kinda got it down. Fermented in stainless steel to retain its energetic character and then left in contact with the lees to add texture, this bottle will sing alongside shellfish. Think oysters—raw, grilled, or smoked (link to https://www.streetcarwines.com/ekone-oyster-co-original-smoked-oysters-3oz.html) with a squeeze of lemon and mignonette? Or go even bigger with caviar topped lobster rolls to kick off your New England summer like a baller! -Cara

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