2020 La Pepie "Merci" Muscadet Sevre et Maine

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Since 1984, Domaine de la Pèpiére has been making some of the finest wines in the appellation. Founder/winemaker Marc Ollivier recently retired; but left the domaine in the capable hands of longtime partners Rémi Branger and Gwénaëlle Croix, who helped convert the vineyards to organic farming and biodynamics respectively. Weather has not been cooperative the last few vintages, as a devastating frost wiped out over 80% of the 2021 crop. To make up for this loss, they reached out to two of their friends and neighboring vignerons who agreed to sell them finished 2020 wines that they blended and bottled as this one-off cuvée. While not actually a true Pèpiére wine, it certainly tastes like one, bringing all the characteristics we look for in a quality Muscadet: crisp, dry, mineral, pleasant acidity and a long rich finish from sur-lie aging. Shellfish is of course the go-to pairing with Muscadet, but it's a pretty versatile wine at the table so enjoy however you see fit. Merci!

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