2020 L'Archetipo "Litrotto Bianco" Puglia

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l'Archetipo is a winery in Puglia with farming at the core of its philosophy. From the time Carlo DiBenedetto took over his family's property, he took up the task of conversion to organic viticulture. Since 2000, the principles of biodynamics provided the blueprint, and more recently the teachings of Masanobu Fukuoka have been employed. They do a little of everything here: sparkling, white, rosé, and red, all from native varieties, and they're all really good. The liter bottlings made their debut on these shores last year, and they don't disappoint. The white is a blend of verdeca, falanghina, marchione, and fiano. Search the internet for the word "orecchiette" for pairing suggestions.

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