2020 Le Marie Pinerolese Dolcetto

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West of Torino and the vinous hubbub of the Langhe is Pinerolese, an appellation created in 1997 based on an ancient growing area at the foot of the Monviso Alps. Our introduction to Pinorelese came by way of Le Marie, a small winery created by Valerio Raviolo, whose wife Luigina and children Simona and Daniele help make it all work. This 100% dolcetto is grown on schist soil approximately 400-450 meters above sea level, the grapes are all hand harvested and are fermented in steel. This is a fruit-forward dolcetto that is loaded with blueberry and blackberry fruit flavors. We tried this with a lentil stew, which was frankly not the greatest pairing ever, but it’s a testament to how versatile and tasty this wine is that we have no complaints. You, on the other hand, should probably have this with mushrooms, pizza, pasta, et cetera. Just avoid lentils.

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