2020 Monvemvasia Tsimbidi Asproudi

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In 1997, the Tsimbidi family started their Monemvasia Winery from scratch, with the aim to revive the long-lost medieval era Monvemvasia/Malvasia wine. Their mission of preservation and experimentation soon led them to other rare indigenous varietals such as kydonitsa, mavroudi and the grape in this bottle, asproudi. Translating to "little white one", variations of the Asproudi grape can be found throughout Greece; some being genetically related and others not. For their version, Monemvasia ferments these little white grapes in stainless steel, then ages on the lees for 5 months. The resulting wine is perfect for the waning days of summer. Floral and citrus aromas mix with pear and lemon on the palate along with a lively bright acidity and long finish. A lovely aperitif on its own or pair with a lighter lemony pasta dish or a panzanella salad.
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