2021 Osmote Cayuga White Petillant Naturel “This Is Pet Nat”

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VARIETAL: Cayuga White. A French-American hybrid developed by Cornell University in the 1940s. It's grown almost exclusively within the Finger Lakes region and is planted on its own roots. VINEYARD: Wagner Farms, located on the east side of Seneca Lake and planted in 1978. It's a flat vineyard site with gravelly silt loam soils which are formed by calcareous loamy glacial till deriving from sandstone, limestone, and shale. VINIFICATION: Harvested on September 11th - early in the season for maximum acid retention. Grapes were pressed gently in a horizontal press. The juice was fermented naturally with a pied de cuvée that was started in the vineyard to ensure that true vineyard yeasts drove the fermentation. Wine was bottled under crown cap on October 28th to finish fermentation and to preserve natural carbonation. No sulfites were added at bottling. Disgorged late December. 397 cases produced TASTING NOTES: Pale yellow color with a light mousse and fine bubbles. With the 2020 vintage being one of the warmest on record, this wine shows a new ripe yellow plum character. With complex aromas for a humble varietal, the palate impresses: prickling with bright acid and creamy texture, with wine ends with a saline finish. Perfectly refreshing and an expression of sparkling that could only come from the Finger Lakes.

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