2021 Ruth Lewandowski “Chilion” Fox Hill Vineyard Cortese ZERO

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The most contemplative orange wine we make, this is ever the intense apricot, oregano and baking spice number but the ‘21 is giving this beautiful Big Sur after rain vibe. Fresh eucalypt and faint pine forest … très California coast.

Two acres of Cortese are farmed at Fox Hill Vineyard. That's roughly 1/6th of all Cortese planted in the United States. Cortese will always be a rarity here, but Cortese with 6(+) months of skin contact doubles down on the uncommonness of it all. Chilion is a chance for all to see just how incredibly complex this variety is...due mainly to the extended maceration on skins which provide amplified spice, herbs, and phenolics than we're all accustomed to with this particular grape.

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