2020 Salel & Renaud "Syramuse" Coteaux de l'Ardeche

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Varietal: Chatus

Appellation: l'Ardèche (Rhône Valley)

Farming: Organic

Made of 100% Chatus, young vines. Manual harvest sorted by the pickers. Vinification, maceration for 15 days, daily pumping over, aging in vats. Chatus is a grape variety originating from the Cévennes Ardéchoises. In 1599, Olivier De Serres named Chatus as "one of the best grape varieties in the Kingdom". Before phylloxera, Chatus was cultivated in Ardèche but also in Drôme and Isère. In the Drôme, it was called "Corbel" or "Syramuse" and it was grown on the slopes of Hermitage. Since then, it has completely disappeared from Hermitage. Genetically, Chatus is part of the Serine family. This family includes grape varieties such as Syrah, Viognier, Roussanne, Dureza, Mondeuse, Marsanne... This new cuvée is made to express the fruity and gourmet qualities of Chatus.

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