2020 Telmo Rodriguez "Al-Muvedre" Alicante Monastrell

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It's impossible to summarize the work of winemaker Telmo Rodriguez. He owns or manages vineyards and wineries throughout northern Spain, stretching from Galicia in the west to his homeland of Rioja. With hundreds of distinct vineyards, 80+ hectares in total, dozens of native grape varieties, and wildly diverse regions with which to work, it's... a lot. With a prodigious work ethic, the soul of the traveler and the self-restraint of a child, it should surprise nobody that Telmo found his way to monastrell from Alicante, on the tip of the president of the International Wine Academy. While his original intent was to find an old estate to renovate, he settled on producing "...a good, simple wine, as in the days of the wine traders." His fruit is sourced from two villages, most notably Monovar, the site of the ultra-traditionalist Primitivo Quiles. While this is every bit the rustic red at its core, it bears the Telmo signature of freshness and tension. 

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