2020 Voerzio Martini Langhe Arneis “Bricco Cappellini”

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Voerzio Martini was established recently on the the land inherited by Gianni Voerzio (Roberto's brother) when their father split the family's land. Gianni had no heirs to take over upon his retirement, so he sold the estate to the Martini family, staying on for a few years to see a successful transition. Winemaker Mirko Martini and his fraternal twin sister Frederica are now running the show, and have transitioned the vineyards to organic viticulture. From their winery in La Morra, they produce a full range wines typical of the region, with the greatest effort placed on their Barolo from the famous "La Serra" vineyard. We are featuring their delightful arneis, which is the winery's principal dry white offering. We fell for this wine's exuberant peach blossom aroma, which evokes daydreams of early summer picnics.

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