2021 Boucard - Domaine des Chenaies "Nom de Zeus"

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Pierre Guyot established this estate in 1869 with his son-in-law Jules Lamé, who was the first in the region to graft non-phylloxera vines in the 1870’s. Fast forward five generations, siblings Phillipe and Stephanie now manage the family's property in Bourgeuil, exploring all the possibilities for the production of cabernet franc. There are various cuvées divided along soil types - all fruit grown on gravel is vinified in stainless steel to preserve its fruitiness and soft tannins, while the fruit grown on clay/limestone soils is reserved for barrel vinification to extract more tannins. Then there is this new cuvée, which is an experiment in sans soufre vinification. No sulfur was used at any point in the making of this wine. Though it is apparently a touch lighter on the palate, it's very clean, with no perceivable faults that would sometimes be associated with this sort of thing. It's a great picnic red, perfectly suitable for charcuterie and cheese. 

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