2021 Celler Comunica Montsant "Vi del Mas"

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Celler Comunica is the project of Pep Aguilar and Patri Morillo, two viticulturists who have worked with vines throughout the Mediterranean. After many years, they settled in the D.O. Montsant, just across the border from Priorat, where Pep and Patri are challenging our preconceptions of a region known for oaky, high alcohol wines with their nonconformist approach. The estate comprises seven hectares of old Garnacha and Carignan vines, and a little chunk of Syrah, all planted on a soil of decomposed granitic sands shot with myriad types of slate. “Vi del Mas” is about as glou glou as 14% alcohol gets. This wine is great for summer nights on the porch, catching up with old or new friends. If it’s hot out, don’t be afraid to chill this for an hour before you open it. Versatile with or without food, was fantastic with a flavorful Vietnamese salad with lots of herbs, spice, and fish sauce!

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