2021 Division "L'Avoiron" Columbia Valley Rose of Gamay Noir

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"One of the fastest growing and diverse American wine growing regions of the past 40 years is the Columbia Valley, a wide swath of land that reaches from the northern border of Oregon to well into the northeastern parts of Washington State. Within this region is a is the Yakima Valley, which is home to our nearly 6- acre block of Gamay Noir at the newly renamed Carousel Vineyard (formally part of Willard Farms), which we farm exclusively to make our Gamay Rosé and Gamay Nouveau wines. We began to transition this vineyard to organic principle farming in 2019 and hope to have the process complete by the 2021 growing season, We love this particular site for its mineral intense soils formed from volcanic Miocene uplift against basalt bedrock that is layered with a primary topsoil being made up of quartz and lime- silica, overlaid with the mixed glacial runoff of Missoula floods that makes the region so dynamic, unique, and in this case, perfect for making crisp and focused rosé!

We believe the best rosé wines will be made by picking before overly ripe characteristics can dominate the balance and finesse of the wine. Therefore, we seek a more white wine-like vibrancy than red wine-like richness or intensity, and we typically pick this site relatively early with more acid driven grapes and lighter red fruit.

The 2021 l'Avoiron is a beautiful wine to look at in the glass with it's pale rose and strawberry hue and the aromatics simply jump out of the glass. Warm summer Provencal days waft out with scent of concentrated cantaloupe and perfectly ripe strawberry leading the way. The palate is crisp, dense and mineral rich with strawberry and light summer herbs. The wine has excellent energy, with great density for a crisp pink wine, all the while remaining light on it's feet." - Division Wine

Alc 12.5%

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